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These are the songs I've listened to most recently on Spotify:

TrackPlayed At
about 9 hours ago
about 15 hours ago
about 18 hours ago
about 18 hours ago
about 18 hours ago

Want to know more about my music taste? I got an analysis of my Spotify data. Learn more: Spotify Data Privacy

Here is a quick review:

  • My records begin on 3/14/2018 and end on 5/5/2024. That's a span of 2243 days.
  • I played songs on 1570 days, which account for 70% of all days.
  • I played 66861 songs, totaling 2420 hours. That's an average of about 43 tracks or 2:32 hours per day.
  • I have listened to 13144 unique songs, from 5588 artists and 10770 albums. That's an average of about 2.4 songs per artist.
  • I play a song, on average, 5.1 times.
  • I skipped 13353 songs, which is about 20% of all songs I started.
  • On average, I listen to a song for 38 seconds before skipping it. Of the songs I skip, 51% are skipped within 3 seconds, while 29% are skipped after more than 30 seconds and 13% after more than 2 minutes.
  • About 55% of all songs I listened to were played using shuffle.
  • I skip 1.8% of all started songs when using shuffle and 16.57% when not using shuffle.
  • I started 48% of my songs because I clicked the forward button, 4% because I clicked the back button, 37% because the previous song ended, and 11% because I clicked on the song.

And these are some visualizations

Spotify 1
Spotify 2
Spotify 3
Spotify 4
Spotify 5