Analysis of Vietnamese Legal Documents

11 months ago

~2 min read

This article summarizes some information about a large dataset related to Vietnamese legal documents, extracted from the website Thư viện Pháp luật.

Data updated to June 2023. Includes 318,517 Vietnamese legal documents. Document attributes:

  • Document name
  • Document number
  • Document type
  • Document field
  • Signer
  • Place of issue
  • Issuance date
  • Effective date
  • Gazette date
  • Gazette number
  • Status of validity
  • Links between documents

Here are some statistical charts about this data:

Number of documents by type

Quyết định192618
Nghị quyết31207
Kế hoạch23248
Thông tư20409
Chỉ thị13731
Thông báo13492
Nghị định7898
Thông tư liên tịch3061
Văn bản hợp nhất2353
Hướng dẫn1792
Báo cáo1492
Điều ước quốc tế1369
Công điện1265
Sắc lệnh992
Văn bản khác916
Pháp lệnh351
Quy định255
Quy chế158
Thông tri34
Công ước19
Điều lệ17
Hiến pháp7
Hiệp định6
Sắc luật5
Thoả thuận5
Văn bản WTO68

Number of documents by field

Number of documents according to validity status

Number of documents issued by month

From the chart above we see: the number of documents often increases dramatically in the middle and last months year. Because these are the times when the National Assembly Session takes place.

Number of documents issued by year

However, in the past 10 years, the number of documents issued has increased rapidly. Typically, the number of documents in 2021 is twice as much as in 2011